Sunday, May 30

Bucket Lists!

I've been away for a bit over a week and, while I was planning of giving you a sort of summery of my trip, I am too tired to be bothered with that right now but I do want to post something. So, instead, here's something I've been meaning to post for a while.
Really, I have two bucket lists. I have my "Things to Do Before I Die" list as well as my "I've Just Been Told I Have Weeks to Live" list.
I'll give you them both:
Things to do before I die
  1. Buy O'Malley the Superman and Batman Vs Aliens and Predator comic book. Because who doesn't want to buy their brother something that sounds that ridiculously epic?
  2. Fall in love
  3. Kiss in the rain (romantic much?)
  4. Learn Japanese. I love Japanese culture and would love to go to Japan and I would like to be able to read manga in its original form and watch anime without dumb dubbing or subtitles.
  5. Hang out in Cargo for a day. Cargo is a small town (about 100 people) in the absolute middle of nowhere but has about a bajillion sign posts directing you to it when I drive from my place to my Grandma's. They say all roads lead to Rome, but they're wrong. All roads lead to Cargo.
  6. Bungy jump off a bridge
  7. Go to Vietnam, Europe, Britain, The US, Japan and Central America
  8. Take mum to France and cruising the Greek Isles. When mum backpacked around Europe she boycotted France because of the Rainbow Warrior and always regretted missing it so one day I'd like to take her there, and the Greek Isles has always been a dream of hers.
  9. Hang glide
  10. Scuba dive
  11. Go to the Triple J café. This is a small cafe that has existed as long as I can remember on the road to visit my Grandma and I have never once stopped at it but have always wanted too. One of the draws is also that it's called the Triple J cafe and that's my favourite radio station.
  12. Drive a tractor along Edwardstown road. Look, basically, this road is the most perfect road for tractor driving. It's a thin farmers track that weaves through paddocks and is just asking me to drive a tractor along it. How can I refuse?
  13. Attend the major NaNoWriMo write in. Every November during National Novel Writers Month there is a major write-in, a gathering of participants writing together, which people from all over the world attend. I must attend one of these.
  14. Go to the Freo markets.
  15. Eat seafood on the Freo wharf. I used to live in Perth and some of my fondest memories are from Fremantle. I just want to do those things again before I die.

I've Just Been Told I Have Weeks to Live

If, under the circumstance that I come down with some incurable disease and find out I only have a short time to live, my bucket list is simply the lyrics to I am Dying Tomorrow by the Alkaline Trio, which I know is sort of cheating, but they sum up everything for me.

I'm Dying Tomorrow

I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right?
Did I remember to sleep in?
Take lots of pills?
Commit irreversible sins?
Did I at least try to kiss the prettiest girl at the right time?
Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine?
Did I remember to say cheers?
Did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time?
Had the best time?
Did I remember to stay up late?
Drinking for the fun?
Singing for the taste?
Did I run outside to kiss the rain
Under electrical skies?
I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow

Did I do it right?

Monday, May 17

My Revised List of Fictional Guys

Some people may remember my "I Prefer Guys Who Don't Exist" post from back in September last year? Well, after an 60+ comment argument with a friend on Facebook I realised I'd left quite a few guys off my list and have decided to update it. I should tell you that this argument was mainly me and my friend (who is listed as both my sister and wife on Facebook) arguing over who gets which Disney prince. The argument involved Napalm threats, page long rants of "MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE", something my brother's like to know as Skully's Rant and Robocop riding a unicorn. Eventually we came to the conclusion that I get Aladdin and the Beast and she gets Prince Eric, Dimitri (not quite Disney, but oh well), and John Smith. Someone else who came in half way through gets Shang.
But anyway, onto my revised list of fictional crushes.
  • Aladdin: This guy is loving and caring without being smothering and he is so cute when he asks Jasmine out for a magic carpet ride.
  • Artemis Fowl: This is a crush from a while ago. I especially like him in the first book when he's still the villain. And he's smart! Who doesn't like an intellectual?
  • Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird: Again, smart. And super kind and reliable. The marrying kind.
  • Bartamaeus from The Bartamaeus Trilogy: Screw Robin William's genie, Bartamaeus is the world's most hilarious Djinni and for some reason I can't help but fall in love with his cynicism.
  • Batman: He's a freakin' SUPERHERO! He's rich, famous, good looking, and his moodiness is sexy.
  • Briar Moss from The Circle of Magic series: For years I wanted to get a tattoo like his, but then I realised that mine wouldn't be able to move because I don't have plant magic and they would probably not be using plant based natural inks. Either way, Briar Moss is still simply exceptional.
  • Dimitri from Anastasia: I can't believe I lost this guy to her! I'm going to need to win him back some how. Any suggestions people?
  • Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog: He is so sweet! I love the nevous, nerdy types. He's cute, he's loving (although a little stalkerish), he likes to think he's evil, he can sing, what more could you want?
  • Dustfinger from Inkheart: I don't really know what to say about Dustfinger, except that you know he's going to be sexy because he's a fire-eater.
  • Greed/Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist: Although the double personality thing may get kind of awkward, I suppose... But I loved them both, even before they were combined in the same body. Greed looks out for his comrades despite his, well, greed, and being a supposedly heartless homoculi. And Ling is just really really cool.
  • Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye: You've probably heard enough about how much I love him.
  • Indiana Jones: He's an archaeologist people! What's not to love?! (history nut, here). And Harrison Ford was totally hot until my teacher's wife pointed out that he looked like my dad. I've gone off Indie a bit since then...
  • John Smith from Pocahontas: One of the most realistic Disney characters I've ever come across. He's clever and awesome and, as Thomas puts it, "the legendary John Smith".
  • Kakashi from Naruto: I like my Naruto guys so I've actually omitted a heap Of the more embarassing ones) from this list. Kakashi has the cool guy thing down, but he's actually pretty deep. He's always arriving late places because he spends hours at the memorial for his friend. And he has the best excuses on the planet: "Sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life".
  • Martin the Warrior from the Redwall Series: So what if he's a mouse? His chivalry is super impressive and I concerntrated my Redwall readings on the one's featuring Martin the Warrior.
  • Mello from Death Note: He's probably one of the only characters in this series that doesn't scare the pants off me (besides Matsuda) but he's totally Badass. In fact he's my number one bad boy heart throb. He has the guts to use a gun, not some pissy little note book. And I can't help but sympathise with his "always second" inferiority complex (yes I'm looking at you, Chairman).
  • Nat Eaton from the Witch of Blackbird Pond: I first fell in love with him simply because of his name but he is playful and flirtatious and sweet and that makes him so god damn sexy!
  • Nathanial from The Bartamaeus Trilogy: I hated his guts beyond belief in the second one but when he finds himself again in the third how could I not fall head over heals for him?
  • Pagan from Pagan's Crusade: I don't think I can read a first person narrative with out in a way falling in love with the character. Pagan's thoughts make me laugh so much and never want to leave his side. *Fingers crossed that Pagan becomes real and proposes*.
  • Portgas D. Ace from One Piece: *Spoiler Alert* I bawled my eyes out so much when he died! Absolutely no one in the entire One Piece fan base wanted Ace to die. There were even online memorials for him. But his death was really well done. I mean, I cry pretty easily in fiction but One Piece is exceptionally good at making me cry for days and days. RIP Ace you will be missed (and I love you).
  • Ren Tsuruga from Skip Beat: *Fangirl scream* Perfect guy. Like so perfect I consider this fictional guy too good for me. People just shouldn't think like that. He's that amazing.
  • Roronoa Zoro from One Piece: The only reason I gave up John Smith and Dimitri to my friend was because I had spent the last couple of days swooning over this swordsman pirate. He fights for what he believes in and will sacrifice everything for his friends. His three swords are not compensation, O'Malley, he's just advertising.
  • Shikamaru from Naruto: Another smarty. His dream of an average life with an average job and an average life is really appealing to me and I love his laziness.
  • The Beast from Beauty and the Beast: is now officially mine! I'm sure Belle puts it well when she sings "There's something sweet and almost kind but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined and now he's dear and so I'm sure I wonder why I didn't see it there before."
  • The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive: I have had a crush on the Flash (Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, whichever. Although preferably Wally) since I first saw him years and years ago on the Justice League of America. He's funny, clever, caring and Linda Park can go to hell.
  • Yukihito Yashiro from Skip Beat: He is so cute! Everyone thinks I'm insane for this one. Why Ren's manager when you could have Ren? Well, because he's adorable and sweet and his wild theories and attempts to set up Ren and Kyoko are so delightfully devious. He's just so CUTE!

I realise that this may have made some of my male followers feel a little awkward but I hope that they are willing to share some of their fictional crushes in the comments. So everyone, who are you in love with and who are you going to fight me for? (You're not going to win, by the way).

Wednesday, May 5

My Perfect Guy

I was looking over some of the older stuff on my blog and realised that I apparently love writing lists. So here's one more. I go this idea from a friends website who wrote the things he looks for in a girl.
So here's what I look for in a guy:
  1. Is Holden Caulfield. Although anyone on my list to the right would suffice.
  2. Is intellectually badass.
  3. Is irresistibly drop-dead gorgeous, because I am superficial.
  4. Can sing and will serenade me. Because there is nothing creepy about being serenaded except if it's with Every Breath You Take or something by A Day to Remember because that would basically mean I'd just been murdered by my perfect man. Which would suck.
  5. Will sit through Disney movies with me and enjoy them. In fact, will also sing along with me.
  6. The simple girly things: is willing to commit, is not a player, etc.
  7. Has an incredible sense of humour.
  8. Can put up with me and my me-ness
  9. Is passionate about things.
  10. Love to read
  11. Shares my manga obsession.
  12. Has amazing taste in music
  13. Understands me perfectly.
  14. Can get me backstage at a Rise Against concert
  15. Is just all round fun to be with
  16. Is an awesome gamer.
  17. Will act childish with me
  18. Has an epic accent.
  19. Is NOT a psychopath
  20. Loves me!

How do you score? Haha.