Monday, September 6

My Weirdest Fictional Crushes

You've probably learnt by now that I love writing posts about my favourite fictional men. I'm a crazed fangirl, I admit it, and I'm here today to share with you some of my weirder crushes.
Shan Yu - Mulan: Shan Yu is the bad guy from Disney's Mulan. He is obnoxious, he is ugly, he is impossible to like, yet for some crazy reason, I have a mega crush on him. He's just so badass (from now on referred to as BA). I like a lot of guys simply because they're badass and Shan Yu is one of them.
Scar - The Lion King: Last night I was talking to a friend about Disney crushes and it sort of went like this:
Me: I'm in love with most Disney guys. Hero or villain. The bad guy from Mulan, Shang, Scar, Aladdin-
Her: Wait, back up for a minute. Did you just say you're in love with a Lion?
Scar is another BA guy. He is misunderstood and an outcast. Sure, he did some really bad stuff but still- Alright. There's no point defending him. I know he's evil. But he's sexy evil. I mean, for a lion.
Jafar - Aladdin: This is my last for the Disney villains, I promise. You must admit, Jafar is one of the coolest Disney bad guys. Besides him being an utter BA, the reason I love he so much is the song he sings, the Prince Ali Reprise. Only a true villain would taunt the hero with his own song.
Trunks and Vegeta - Dragonball Z: The fact that I love Trunks and Vegeta isn't weird because they're anime characters, because I have a lot of those, nor that they're from Dragonball Z (I've been criticised for crushing on DBZ characters). It's weird because of the father son thing. I love Vegeta because he's BA, dark and moody (and evil). I love Trunks because he's, well, the opposite (except still BA). And he has a sword. This isn't my only father-son fling, I also have a crush on Atticus and Jem Finch, which could really be considered weirder, since Jem is twelve or something and I'm almost nineteen.
The Scout - Team Fortress 2: This is all levels of weird. For starters, he's a computer game character. And not only that, he's this computer game character. I have absolutely no explanation for why I'm crushing on him. It's weird, I know. That's why it's on this list.
Harbouring and bizzare crushes of your own? I want to know.