Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving in Australia

This is only going to be short because I have to catch a bus soon but it's been so long since I wrote anything that I thought I would tell you about my first Thanksgiving.
Like everyone should be aware, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia but because of the abundance of American exchange students staying on my floor at college we decided that we would have a Thanksgiving dinner.
I can't decide if my favourite part was cooking, eating or making turkey hands.

My turkey hand, Roboturkey. He fights for turkey rights across America, trying to save the birds from being consumed on Thanksgiving day.

Everyone attending the dinner had to bring something to eat and I made Cheesecake. Hanging out in the kitchen as everyone baked, making roast veggies, some weird sweet potato thing with marshmallows (that was delicious) and even a turkey, was really fun. As they say in Questionable Content "Baking is science for hungry people" and we all know that science is pHun. (Okay, I'll stop with the science jokes because math and science puns are basically the first sine of madness).
The meal was amazing and so was dessert. We have so much food left over that we won't have to go to our horrible college dinner for a week. People loved my cheesecake (yay!) and I loved basically everything there.
After dinner we all said what we were thankful for and there was an enormous amount of tears and hugging.
I didn't stay long after that. My NaNoWriMo has been driving me insane and I was behind on my word count so I needed to get some work done. I hear everyone went out clubbing, got extremely drunk and passports were lost. Some days I am particularly glad I don't drink.
In closing, Thanksgiving was an amazing night, probably one of my favourite college experiences so far.

Monday, November 22

A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. Warm cinnimon donuts
  2. Late night walks while eating lemon sorbet
  3. Lemon sorbet
  4. Glow-in-the-dark stars
  5. Walking with a skip in your step on sunny days
  6. Dancing like crazy while eating chocolate ice cream straight from the container
  7. 3am writing sessions
  8. Laying in bed listening to the rain
  9. The smell of rain and wet concrete
  10. Walks in the park while wearing pretty dresses
  11. Whatever my current obsession happens to be
  12. Friday night burger night followed by LAN-gaming
  13. Reading a book curled up on a window seat
  14. Researching bizarre topics just for the hell of it
  15. Gripping conversations with fellow obsessers