Thursday, October 29

Blood red, white and blue

Would God bless the murder of the innocents?
Would God bless a war based on Pride?
Would God bless a money-hungry government?
Would god bless our inefficent court systems?
God bless the sweatshops we run
God bless America
God bless America

- Rise Against

Tuesday, October 27

Choice Halloween Costumes

Yeah... so, these exams are going to kill me...
I hate maths. And...
Dude, we got SCREWED on that Ancient history paper, GOD DAMMIT!!

Now that that's out of my system, its Halloween soon, and I'm dying to dress up so hooray for the Halloween disco this Friday. To celebrate the occasion, here is a list of my choice Halloween costumes:
  1. Karl Marx: This wonderful communist here is my first choice Halloween costume. Unfortunately I don't have a suit to wear or that much (or any at that matter) facial hair. Also I've been told no one will know who I am, so that would be a bit of a bummer.
  2. Dr. Who: This is who I'm actually going to go as, the fourth doctor, the one acted by Tom Baker. Scarf and jelly babies. It'll be awesome.
  3. The sword and martini guy from KoL: This is another one people may not get, because, although the should, not everyone plays the Kingdom of Loathing. But just by dressing up as a stick figure with a sword and martini, I think you have a pretty cool costume.
  4. A Newspaper: Tape a newspaper to your chest and voila! (My brother has stolen this idea of me which proves its gold). If you really want too you can accessorise, but why ruin the perfect outfit?
  5. Dr. Horrible: Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog is one of the greatest characters Neil Patrick Harris ever acted, in fact he was born for that role. Goggles and a lab coat, a pair of gloves, and you're the coolest and sweetest supervillian of all time. If you can convince a friend to dress as Captain Hammer then you have one of the Raddest pair costumes of all time.
  6. Lady Gaga: Glitter and a wig. It's easy!
  7. Edward Cullen: Same goes for Eddie C as it did for Lady Gaga
  8. Kanye West: This is the greatest idea of all time, dress up as West, hide in the bushes and when little kids come trick or treating, jump out and say, "yo kids, Ima let you finish, but Christmas is the greatest holiday of all time!" (Look, I'm not giving you a link for this, I'm sure you've seen enough parodies everywhere else)
  9. The Scout from TF2: What's more nerdy than dressing up as a computer game character? Nothing, that's what. And if you want to be the coolest nerd out than the Scout is the costume for you. The costume is easy: red or blue T-shirt, head-set and a baseball bat. I'm trying to convince a gamer friend to dress as the scout. He loves the idea but he doesn't think he has an outfit that's authentic enough.
  10. Sheet Ghost: This is just so cliche that its totally awesome. People with out a sense of humour may not get the sheer genius of it but you will look seriously cute

Tuesday, October 20

Scary Things

  1. Nurse Ratchet
  2. Light/Kira
  3. Wrists
  4. People with dandruff
  5. Clowns
  6. Bugs
  7. Asteroids
  8. Super volcanoes
  9. Photocopiers that say "misfire"
  10. War
  11. The degeneration of Vampires in popular culture
  12. My mum
  13. Maths
  14. Unrequited love
  15. 20 missed calls from the one person
  16. Ventriloquists
  17. Ventriloquist dummies
  18. Lady Gaga
  19. Cliché movie plots
  20. Cthulhu
  21. Gnomes
  22. Toilets that don't flush, and then begin to back up and overflow.
  23. Overenthusiastic sports fans.
  24. Vans with curtains
  25. Remembering an assignment the day its due
  26. I can't believe its not chicken
  27. Dimly lit parking lots
  28. 2012
  29. Lack of a social conscience in society
  30. Little kids who sing in horror movies
  31. Realising you insulted Edward in a room full of Twihards
  32. Jack Nicholson
  33. Unclean hotel rooms
  34. Neurosurgeon with shaky hands
  35. The twins from the Shining
  36. Phones ringing during a blackout
  37. Cereal Serial killers
  38. Chemistry
  39. The Guy Made of Bees (from the Kingdom of Loathing)
  40. Life
  41. People who say "Look I got you this present, open it now. It's funny. No, you have to open it where everyone can see it. It'll be hilarious!"
  42. Opening a present after someone has said "Look I got you this present, open it now. It's funny. No, you have to open it where everyone can see it. It'll be hilarious!"
  43. Too wide smiles
  44. Green potatoes
  45. Those filthy commies (nah, just kidding, you guys are alright)
  46. Writing a list of 50 scary things and running out of ideas around 46. (okay, so that’s not really scary but it is seriously annoying)
  47. Most dolls
  48. Most Coheed and Cambria lyrics, e.g. "I’ll kill anything cut the throats of babies for them break they're hearts for they were them"
  49. The HSC
  50. Spooky night noises