Monday, August 24

Forgotten Bookmarks

So I wouldn't normally rant about another blog but the blog of note a few days back, Forgotten Bookmarks, is one of the most wonderful websites I've ever seen. He works in a secondhand bookstore and posts all the different bookmarks he finds in the old books, things like letters and postcards and photos. It reminded me of all the little post-it note messages I leave in school texts and library books; things like how the finder will never finish Great Expectations and how Romeo and Juliet is the sookiest attempt at a love story ever.
Forgotten Bookmarks had me just about ready to give up school and my dream of museum curator in favour of a secondhand bookstore. It's funny really, it's the second time I've had such an urge, the first after watching Bernard on Black Books. There's something wonderful about English comedy.
I think I'd be happy in a secondhand bookstore really, it combines the two things I love most, old things and books. And I just love the romantic appeal of finding forgotten things within the pages of a book. Right now you have no idea of who romantically wild my imagination is running.
Oh well, I guess I'm being silly really, but wouldn't a simple bookshop offer such an uncomplicated and trouble-free existence?

Sunday, August 23

What do I wish for most?

What do I wish for most?

For fiction to be real.

I want Holden Caulfield and Peter Pan and Neverland. I want fantasy kingdoms and good versus evil.
I want a world that doesn't exist in reality.
And that's what sucks with being such a romantic.
If I have to be Joan Wilder can't I be her in the second half of Romancing the Stone, after she's met Jack?
Again, my fiction world doesn't exist in reality.


...and if you look at the picture close enough you'll see I was eating breakfast at 11:00, but com'on folks, I'm a teenager it it was the weekend, what did you expect? You're lucky I was eating breakfast!

Saturday, August 22


With my trial exams in two days time and being completely over all this study I've compiled a list of everything I want to do in the summer when this is all over.
When I get out of that exam November 6th I'm running free.
I know the summer should be full of parties but what I want to do is read a book of my own choosing, just for pleasure, sleep in, and complete an artwork.
And i want to go on a road trip with my friends and experience real freedom.
And I want to go on a road trip with my family, for that family holiday.
I'm going to detergent up a tarp and make a slip-and-slide.
I want to watch movies all night and pwn at a lan-gaming comp.
I want to mosh at a concert and get the bands autograph
I'm going to forget everything I learnt
I want to spend a full day at the movie theatre watching movie after movie at an outrageously high price.
I want to write a novel and wear dresses.
I want to pump music and have a 'Risky Business' moment.
I'm going to read Naruto and Bleach every Friday and get up to date on One Piece and Vampire Knight and read Sailor Moon because... well, why not?
I'm going to go swimming with a bunch of mates at the falls
and maybe go camping

Monday, August 17

Hell Yeah! Parkway Freaking Drive!!

Wow, that was awesome.
I saw Parkway Drive perform last night and wow.
Despite the WOW performance I have several complaints, most of which include poor etiquette.
1. Poor concert etiquette number one, to the organisers. The concert was supposed to start at 2. The line didn’t start moving until 2:30. We didn’t get in until 3:20. Also, it was raining. I got cold and wet and I have no body fat to keep me warm. And I missed the first band. Listen people. If the concert was set to start at 2, it should start at 2! Seriously!
2. Okay, so number two on my list of complaints has nothing to do with bad etiquette but more to do with my own personal faults. This complaint is the unintentional exploitation of my extreme and totally irrational wrist phobia. Yes I have a fully fledged phobia of wrists; you wanna make something of it? This complaint is based on the fact that when we finally got inside they marked my wrist with an X. In permanent marker! Not only did the feeling of the pen sliding across my wrist make me hyperventilate but having to cope with the scrubbing brush chaffing my wrist afterwards had me on the verge of throwing up. I know, I’m nuts, but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t bother me.
3. Poor concert etiquette number two goes to the moshers. I realise it’s a mosh pit, and everyone wants to get to the front so there’s a lot of pushing, but that does not mean you can start a fight! Everyone’s jumping and head banging and pushing. The mosh is like one massive pulse. Everyone is being pushed. So if someone pushes you, you do not need to push the guy back. Us twig-like people who snap easily would have much more fun if we didn’t need to worry about being hit and could rock out to violent screamo music in peace.
4. My final concern on concert etiquette goes to those who request songs. Okay, so you want to hear your favourite song, I get that, but your favourite song is most likely also the bands crowing achievement, and thus is going to be the song they save for the encore. So quit screaming for Romance is Dead after every song, enjoy what you get, and remember to request an encore (although, you know they’ll do it anyway).
So that’s my list of complaints. For some reason I’m convinced you’re there laughing at me right now but I had to make my point. Still, despite all these complaints, I had an awesome time and it was totally worth waiting over an hour in the rain.

Tuesday, August 11

Bored of Studies

Don't you hate it when you're doing an assignment that needs a progress log but you don't realise that until the day before it's due?
Yeah, well that's my extension history major historical investigation. I still have to finish my conclusion, do a source analysis for 1 and a half sources and write my best work of fiction - my progress log starting from the beginning of the year.
And also, why does the Bored of Studies website take so long to load?

Thursday, August 6

The Anarchist and the Oyster

This post was originally entitled "Facebook and Manga" but I found it much to boring, so instead, a Bartamaus reference!

So people tell me "if you get face book say goodbye to your high school certificate" but having recently joined Facebook (yes, only recently) I have to say how wrong they are. Try having a manga addiction! Its a thousand times worse!
New Naruto and Bleach each week, Fullmetal Alchemist once a month. And I'm only about a third of the way through the issues of One Piece and Vampire Knight! Thank god I've finished reading Death Note.
This is a really bad addiction. Its wreaking my life.And sadly I prefer it to my life.
Too bad there's no rehab for the comic obsessed.
That'd be funny, you could have a total nerd rehab centre for people like me and people addicted to things like WoW and Larping and novelty startrek hats.

Oh, and by the way, the new Naruto and Bleach are out tomorrow!

Saturday, August 1


Mello's my favourte Death Note character. The others scare me. Even Near. Actually, especially Near. Not as much as Light though. OMG he's terrifying.
I like L though. And Matt.
Still, by the end of it all Mello rocks