Saturday, January 29

Story Saturday

My friend, Anticipation, is pushing me to start the flash fiction story that I mentioned quickly in my previous post. The idea is that I'll write a story each week using you, my followers as the characters. Some of you know Scott who used to do this on his blog, Ergo, before it got deleted.
If you want to be a character please give me permission to use you in the comments.
I hope to have a story out next Saturday so if you want to be in it please let me know soon. I'm tying to decide on starting with a zombie apolalypse themed story, a horror, or a superhero story. What would you like to see?
A while ago in this blog post these stock-standard horror movie roles were delegated. If I could get these people to participate and fulfil there roles, or if I could get some one to take their places, I'd be very happy:
[Zella] might even be final girl quality.
O'Malley you'll be the hero and save everyone, or, more likely, be the guy who turns evil and dies a horrible and painful death, or the guy who steals from the ancient tomb and dies a horrible and painful death, or the guy who dies first, a horrible and painful death.
Laura, you can go for help and disappear (maybe later we find you dead in a cupboard, it depends how reasonable you are through the movie.) Don't worry though, some of best characters die this way.
Chairman, you either [Be the little nerdy guy who doesn't want to be there and dies right at the end saving the hero and heroine.] like me or [die like] Laura. Or you know, you could be the hero, but it's unlikely.
Scott, you're probably the comic relief guy who dies halfway through. Or you could be the villain if you like. I'm sure you'll be fine with either of those.
L, I giving you the role of police officer or private investigator. You either come rushing in and die or solve the crime without saving anyone but yourself and the final girl.
So please, give me permission!

Friday, January 28

Story: Belonging

Since I've been so slack at blogging lately and am still being slack I thought I'd just post a short story I wrote. I'm thinking of doing Flash Fiction like Scott used to do where he'd use his followers as characters. That might get me blogging on a regular basis again. Tell me what you think.
This is a story I wrote a year or so back for an English exam based on the quote “Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.”

Glen grips my elbow, leading me away from the fire to some place cooler, quieter. Gail is in front of me, looking back at my face, her forehead wrinkled with concern. Gracie runs over in a partial panic, leaving Gareth confused and with empty arms back at the tree they’d been sitting under.

“What’s wrong? What happened” Gracie’s words hurry from her mouth with more urgency than I find necessary.

“She feels sick”

“Did you drink anything?” Gail cuts Glen off to interrogate me. I’m hot, God I’m hot. I think I’m going to throw up. I wish I could just throw up.

“No, I’ve only had the one can of soft drink all night. I brought it myself. I haven’t let it out of my sight.” My palms are so sweaty. I feel so sick. I can’t breath, that’s what’s wrong. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. Oh God, I can’t breathe.

Gracie sighs with relief and glances back at Gareth. I haven’t been drugged, it’s not an emergency, she can return to her boyfriend.

Gail’s not so quick to let it go. “Did you eat anything funny?”

Just leave me be. Leave me alone. I don’t want to be here. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. “Only those chips I brought.” Gareth is trying to catch Gracie’s attention; I can see him over Gail’s shoulder.

“Is it your asthma?” Gail just won’t give up. Why can’t she leave me alone?

Glen has led me to a wire fence and I slump down with my back resting against it. Glen does too. “Gracie, I’m fine” I tell her, “Gareth wants you.” She smiles gratefully at me and ducks off towards her boyfriend. He put his arm around her. I want to cry. I want to-

I’m crying. Oh God. I’m already crying. Damp cheeks. Eyes swollen. No wonder they think I must be sick, what other explanation? It’s a fun party, I shouldn’t be crying.

Gail sits down next to me and the words “distract me” escape from my mouth as another wave of nausea hits.

Gail begins to talk straight away, as if she’s been dying to tell me something this whole time. “Do you know what Gillian just tried to pull?” Oh, God. Yes. Yes, I know what Gillian tried. Why else am I in this state? “She and Grant just tried to set me up with Gabe!” Inside I howl in pain. Argh, I feel so pathetic. Gail continues, “As if! He so… I mean, it would never happen. Never.”

Is she trying to make me feel worse? I feel stupid, what’s wrong with me? How could I be in love with this guy my friend is too good for?

I admitted it. There. I admitted it.

I’m in love with Gabe Glover.

“God, Gillian’s just getting ridiculous.” I eventually reply after fractionally calming. “She should deal with her own problematic love-life before messing with others” and screwing up mine.

“Exactly!” Gail jumps to her feet. “I’ve gotta go talk to Gracie” she says, dusting of the back of her jeans, “will you be alright?”

“I’ll be fine.” I tell her.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with her.” Glen says. Gail smiles and walks off. We watch her for a while before Glen turns to me. “What’s wrong?” he asks.

“I’m just a little sick, that’s all.” Just a little sick, yeah right. I want to find that hole everyone’s always talking about, in which I can crawl up in and die.

“Just a little sick, yeah right,” Glen says, “something has upset you.” Glen is as intuitive as always, to bad that is the last thing I want. I don’t want anyone to know. These are just pathetic emotions I need to overcome. I wish my head would stop telling me I’m in love with him. Stupid head, it’s supposed to be logical. Leave this silly stuff to the heart, I never listen to it.

“I’m fine, Glen, nothing is wrong.”

“Com’on Phoebe, something is up, you can talk to me about it, you know you can.” Garg. Why does he have to care? Why can’t he leave me be? When I don’t speak he continues, “I’m your friend, Phoebe, one of your best friends, you can trust me, okay?”

He cares. I know he does. But I can’t tell him, I just… can’t. I need to try to handle this myself first. “Glen, I just… I don’t want to talk about it now, okay?”

He nods, “okay”.

“I just need time.” He asks me if I want him to leave. He’s being so good. I’ve calmed down now. I can breathe. I don’t make him leave. Without saying anything he offers comforting company.

We sit awkwardly in silence for a while as Gabe spins around and around in my head. Eventually Glen stands. “Ready to head back to the fire?” he holds a hand out to me and I nod. “Smile, now” he tells me, and I do. “Whenever you’re ready for that deep and meaningful,” he says, “I’ll be there.” And I know he will.

I put my arm across Glen’s shoulders and grin clumsily. “Thank you.”

Sunday, January 23

Penguins is Fair Dinkum

Zella Kate gave me the Fair Dinkum Award which is awesome and all but it's forcing me to finally write a blog post, which I suppose is a good thing, seeming I haven't written in so long, but it does mean I have to think and try to be creative during my uni break.
The Fair Dinkum award is about being a good buddy so I'm really happy that Zella would consider me a good buddy. To receive the award I have to tell you five things about myself and then pass it on to five other bloggers. Right-o then:
  1. I can memories lyrics extraordinarily well, especially with my favourite songs. My dad is always commenting on it. I know every word to Jesus of Suburbia by Greenday. All 9 minutes 12 seconds of it. (and I suppose I should warn you that the link contains some mature contents)
  2. My favourite author is Shaun Tan. He is an Australian picture book author and illustrator for young adults. People may think that having a picture book author as my favourite author isn't very English nerdy of me but check them out and you'll understand. The Red Tree and the Lost Thing are beautiful books and the Arrival, done entirely in pictures, is incredible, but my favourite book (of all time) is Tales From Outer Suburbia, a collection of beautiful and bizarre short stories. If Zella ever feels like reviewing a picture book she should look into Shaun Tan.
  3. I have an obsession with T-Shirts. I've banned myself from buying anymore shirts except I keep violating that ban. Most of you know about my periodic table t-shirt by now. I also have a Green Eggs and Ham t-shirt and a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish shirt and a Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt. Someone unfortunately linked me to ThinkGeek the other day as well and I'm likely to go on a T-shirt shopping spree any day now.
  4. I'm studying a Bachelor of Cultural Heritage which has a lot of people saying "Huh?" when I tell them. Basically it's a degree about heritage preservation and museums. I'm hoping to become a museum curator after I graduate. A war museum would be my dream job. I did some work experience with a Fleet Air Arms museum run by a naval base. The close collaboration with the navy and all the war history was amazing. I could happily do that for the rest of my life.
  5. Despite an absolute love for lists I can never achieve the number of things I was aiming for. For a list of 100 things I'll bunk out at around 96. For a list of five things, I can only come up with four.
Now... to give the award to five bloggers...
  1. Laura
  2. O'Malley
  3. Lucy
  4. Tom Parker
  5. Au7is7icr4bbi
Congratulations, winners!