About Me

Before we start let me clear some things up: Penguins can quack. I'm always having people come up to me and say "Penguins Quack? No, No they don't". Well, I'm here to let you know that those people are in fact wrong. Not only can penguins quack but, if Happy Feet has taught me anything, they can also sing and dance too.
Who am I to tell you this?
Well, as people mistakenly believe, I am a penguin. Thus I would know, wouldn't I?

Currently I like to think of myself as an enigma. I'm an eccentric recluse. I rant, I run into things, and I can never remember the punch line.
I’m currently studying a bachelor of Cultural Heritage but tend to spend more time in daydreams than in class.
As I would have it, I’m currently employed as a member of the Thought Police in the INGSOC government and am destined to one day marry Holden Caulfield, the love of my life.
I am a strong believer that the BFG visits me each night and blows dreams to me in through my window and I spent the Solstice looking for doorways to magical worlds.
My interests include paranoia, buying magic beans, and fan-girling and I would like to take up a life of crime robbing museums and repatriating objects to their countries of origin.
I'm getting by in life only knowing one phrase in Spanish - ha visto mi dodo? - one phrase in French - Mon aardvark ne pas de nez - and one phrase in Wiradjuri - Dhaga dhangaang?
I crush on fictional characters like you wouldn't believe. Falling in love with people that you’re never going to meet is easier than breaking up and crying in the street.

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