Sunday, May 17

Great Expectations pt. 1

I haven't been around lately, forgive me. I've been lacking inspiration and time due to school work. So I've decided to combine the two together and blog about Great Expectations and my reading experiences.
I'm already about twelve chapters into it, but here's what I knew before I started:

1. This book is thick!
2. This book is a classic (but I've never met anyone who likes it. Weird…)
3. It's about a kid called Pip (weird name).
4. At the beginning he's poor and alone and at the end he's still poor and alone.

So I hardly knew anything about the book, except that nothing progresses over its 555 pages. I assumed that there are some kind of events in the middle and just hoped that they were interesting. Fellow high-schoolers had not given me much to hope for.

So lets see what I've learnt:

Chapter 1
The narrator is this orphan, Phillip Pirrip, who has a ridiculous name so is called Pip instead, even though it's also ridiculous. He is looked after by his sister, Mrs Joe Gargery, who doesn't get her own name but instead has to share her husband's, the blacksmiths, name. That says a lot about a woman's place in society in the Victorian age. You'd think having a female ruler would do something for women's rights but no.
One day little Pip is in the churchyard at his parents grave and contemplating what they would have looked like as he never knew either of them. Also buried are his five dead brothers who died as infants. At least that's what I gather from Dickens ramblings.
As Pip muses over his dead family an escaped criminal suddenly appears and threatens to cut his throat!! (Does it sound like I made that up? Well, I didn't, that's really what happens).
The crim tells Pip that he has to get a file and wittles for him, whatever wittles is, or he 'ave 'is 'eart an' Liver out!
Pip promises that he will and the crook says that he'd better or the crooks friend, 'the young man', will come after him.
Pip's terrified so runs home to do what the crim said.

Prediction of what happens next:
Pip goes home and cries a lot - because he strikes me as a bit of a sook - yet still tries steals the intended objects - because he's a coward, so won't stand up against the crim - but his sister, the Mrs Joe Gargery catches him, he gets the scolding of a lifetime, sent to bed without supper, 'the young man' comes after him, kills him, and the book ends 525 pages too early.