Saturday, April 9

Story Saturday: Choose-Your-Way-Adventure Part Three

This one is rather rushed, sorry. I was at work all day and all I want to do is curl up in bed and read Percy Jackson. If I can be bothered I may do do illistrations tomorrow, but it is another full day of work and I have a lot of assignments to do. Anyways; enjoy!

Penguins glanced between the two hallways indecisively. It was as if a large group of people were telling her which way to go and they all had their own opinions. To the right was a creepy corridor full of boxes that may contain treasure while to the left was something that growled. Maybe a bunny! Penguins thought hopefully.

“Come on magic bubbles” Penguins said to the bubbles of light floating around her. “This way.” She turned to the left.

The mysterious silver flicker that had caught Laura’s attention from across the room turned out to be a not so impressive mirror. “Huh.” Laura thought out loud, looking at her refection in the mirror, “This as was waste of time.”

“Vhat are you doink down here?” the thick eastern European accent scared Laura so much she jumped three feet into the air before spinning around. An eerie, eerie looking Goth stood only centimetres behind her.

“Jesus! I didn’t see you ther…” Laura’s voice trailed off. “I didn’t see you…” she said puzzled and looked back in the mirror, then back at him. “You don’t have a reflection.” She stated.

“Zat is correct.” The eerie, eerie Goth replied.

“Huh.” Laura said.

Faster than you can say Ich liebe Rammstein, Till Hammerette was out of the deserted lair and riding her Motorrad toward the Chairman. She knew she should feel guilty about leaving Laura and Penguins behind but they had probably already gone and gotten themselves killed so it didn’t really matter anymore.

Till’s decoding of the Chairman’s poor German, had told her that his base was on the Mysterious Island of Mystery. The island was small and there wasn’t much there that could act as a lair for the Chairman. This led her to two possibilities; either he was hiding out at Pirate Cove, or his base was somewhere inside in the Spooky Forest. Till sped up. She had to be quick to catch the ferry to the Mysterious Island of Mystery.

“So you’ve found my lair” a voice spoke from down the corridor. Penguins couldn’t believe her ears. She’d found the Chairman’s lair, just like that? “Come, face your doom.” The voice continued.

“Alright.” Penguins nodded and stepped towards the voice. Her magic light bubbles lit the way and illuminated a dog blocking her path. “Wait a minute…” frowned with a mix of suspicion and confusion. “I didn’t know the Chairman was a dog…”

“I’m not the Chairman!” the dog replied.

“Sweet merciful crap! A Talking dog!” Penguins yelped. “Oh my God! Can I keep you?”

The dog was taken aback. “What? No! I’m a fearsome guardian. I’m the terrifying Maddog!”

“Aww, you’re so cute.” Penguins cooed. “I’m going to call you Madpup!”

“Maddog! It’s Maddog!” Madpup sighed and shook his head. “Whatever.” He said. “If you want to pass you’re going to have to fight me.”

Laura sat down beside the mirror across from the Eerie, Eerie Goth and he handed her a butterscotch lolly. She unwrapped it and popped the sweet into her mouth. “So what’s your name?” Laura asked him. “And what are you doing down here?”

“My name is O’Malley.” The Eerie, Eerie Goth replied. “I like ze dark so ze Chairman let me live down here. But he never visits. I get lonely, you know?” O’Malley shook his head. “And now he’s gone and left me. Didn’t even ask me if I vanted to come.”

“You poor thing!” Laura was appalled. “You should give that piece of work a piece of your mind.”

Time to “Choose Your Way”!

Does Penguins

a) Fight Madpup

b) Try and play with him

Does Laura

a) Ask O’Malley (the Eerie, Eerie Goth) where the Chairman went

b) Try and talk the Eerie, Eerie Goth into going with her to find the Chairman so he can give him a “piece of his mind”.

Does Till Hammerette

a) Go to the Pirate Cove

b) Go to the Spooky Forest


Everyone can vote on what each character will do but the person who the character is BASED ON will have their vote counted for two.

Tell me your choice in the comments.

Featured in this story are Laura, Till Hammerette, the Chairman, O'Malley and Maddog (although without his permission! Oops!)


  1. Mm, butterscotch lollies. :)

    Penguins- B
    The super duper Laura- B
    Till Hammerette- A

  2. Penguins - B
    Laura - B
    Till Hammerette - A

    Stealing ideas from the Game of Death and Kingdom of Loathing now, are you?

  3. Yes, ma'am. They are.
    Yes, sir. I am.

    And Till voted AAB.

  4. BBA

    I love the suprise Mad Dog Cameo.