Saturday, April 2

Story Saturday: Choose-Your-Way-Adventure Part Two

Laura looked at Penguins and bit her lip. “If we go back to Till Hammerette she’d just glower at us, wouldn’t she?”

Penguins nodded slowly. “You’re right. Better try our luck with the trapdoor. If we’re lucky there will be something monstrous down there waiting to tear us to shreds and we well never have to face Till again.” She lifted the door and followed the steps down inside the trapdoor with Laura following closely behind.

Meanwhile, back upstairs in the abandoned room, Till Hammerette was reading through the Chairman’s diary. “Dear diary, Zella was mean to me again today. I want to feed her to the piranhas but mum always said that you should keep good subordinates. This guy’s an idiot!” Till exclaimed, “Half of this is ripped off from Rorschach’s diary in Watchmen and the rest is him complaining about his subordinates sarcasm!”

Till flicked through the book with irritation. It was only because of stupid Penguins that she was doing this. If she was leader instead of that silly tuxedo-wearing bird-brain then she wouldn’t be flicking through this stupid book.

Till stopped flicking suddenly and turned back a few pages. She had seen something. “What is this? Some kind of code?” she muttered, thinking deeply. “Wait a minute… this isn’t a code… This is just really bad German!” She cracked down translating it. Maybe Penguins was right. Maybe there was something useful in this diary after all.

It was dark down the trap door. Laura fumbled for a light switch but stopped when she realised she couldn’t even find a wall. “Penguins! I can’t see!” Laura tried to grab for her comrade but no one was in reach, nor could she find back the ladder she had climbed down. “Penguins! Where are you!” she wailed.

Penguins had wandered off. The darkness didn’t seem to bother her. Eventually she turned to where she thought Laura was by her elbow and said matter of factly “I can’t see.” She walked on a little bit further before stopping again. “If I can’t see I won’t be able to find any clues.” She voiced her realisation out loud.

Penguins thought about this for a while. “I know!” she cried and spun around, sticking her fingers out in a V. “Super Magic Bubble Power!” she cried and blew out a cascade of bubbles, each filled with a glowing light.

“That’s better.” Penguins said, satisfied. She looked around her. She was at a T intersection in a corridor. To the right the passage had been stacked with several boxes and was strung with cobwebs, but the corridor was still manoeuvrable. To the left was the passage was empty. Laura was not at her elbow as she thought. Somewhere down the corridor to the left, something growled.

A soft, far off light lit up down a corridor, giving Laura just enough light to see the vague features around her. Far to her right was the ladder she and Penguins had come down. There seemed to be a collection of tables and shelves in the room and, a short distance to her left, there was a wall with a light switch on it.

Relieved, Laura skipped over to the light switch a flicked it, illuminating the room. “That light must have been Penguins.” She thought aloud and took a few steps towards the corridor the light had come from but an out of place flicker of silver caught her attention from the far side of the room. “I wonder what that could be?” she muttered.

Till Hammerette slammed the diary down on the table in triumph. “I know where you are, Chairman.” She grinned. “There are only two possible places you would have run.” She turned to fetch Laura and Penguins but hesitated.

Time to “Choose Your Way”!

Does Penguins

a) Go left

b) Go Right

Does Laura

a) Look for Penguins

b) Investigate the weird silvery flicker

Does Till Hammerette

a) Tell Laura and Penguins of her discovery

b) Screw Penguins and go search for The Chairman on her own


Everyone can vote on what each character will do but the person who the character is BASED ON will have their vote counted for two.

Tell me your choice in the comments.

Featured in this story are Laura, Till Hammerette, the Chairman and Zella Kate also gets a mention in there.


  1. Cool.
    The Till Hammerette parts were funny, and SUPER MAGIC BUBBLE POWERRR! :D

    My choices:
    b, b, a

  2. "Super Magic Bubble Power" ಠ_ಠ

    a b b

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  4. Penguins - b
    Laura - b
    Till - b

  5. Tom Paul Geoffrey ParkerApril 3, 2011 at 6:35 PM

    B B A! :D :D

  6. A, A, A.

    Something GROWLED in the left corridor. y am i the only one to pick A? :(

  7. whoops, didnt c that other peeps chose A. Ignore my last comment, dudes.

  8. Haha! Thank you, Jessy and Anon.!! Because of you now left is winning! Yay!
    Laura no longer has a unanimous B, but still looks like its gonna win, and taking into account the votes on Facebook, Till snubs Penguins.
    Hopefully I get time soon to write the next one, ready for Saturday.