Saturday, September 10

Story: Children's Poetry - The Lady

This past week I was to write a picture book for my writing class. I thought about sharing it with you, but decided against it. Because it hasn't been illustrated it reads more like a script than a picture book and it really loses effect. This coming week we are to write childrens poetry so, to make up for not posting something last week, I'm posting my poetry to you guys early.

One day a lady stole our dad.
She was a thin as a newspaper ad.
She was so mean, she was so grumpy,
She flushed mummy done the dunny!
She locked dad in the tallest tower,
Cut off hot water to the shower.
My brothers tried to break him out
An elaborate mission came about.
Danny had weapons skills
While Miles had been trained to kill
They plotted long and hard that night.
I supplied the dynamite.
Clad in black and camo paint
With a tank they broke the gate
The lady stood before the spire
And with a cry we opened fire
She threw her head back, gave a roar,
My dynamite blew in the door
Dad was free, it seemed we won,
But then the lady grabbed a gun.
Dad wrestled her for the rifle
Her last attempt had been stifled
So Miles, who had lost his cool,
He pushed her in a nearby pool.
Danny, with a colossal tug,
Pulled out the gigantic plug.
Swirling through the hole and down
To the sewage works out of town.
To this day we have not seen her.
It’s said she’s in Argentina.

What'd you think? Next week is Older Reader Picture Books, so I'm not sure if you'll get anything that week. We'll see.


  1. Whoa, that's awesome.
    At least no one died. I was a bit worried that one of the boys or the woman would shoot someone and that wouldn't go down well with the kids...

  2. I dunno... a lot of people die in Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes which was definitely my source of inspiration. Also, we're not too sure what ended up happening to mummy.

  3. She's in Argentina. Her and the other woman meet on Thursdays for coffee.

    Happy endings are always the best.

  4. A happy ending where the kids are left without their mother because she is drinking coffee with her husband's kidnapper, the woman who physically abused her? Real happy, Laura. Hahaha.